April 2018 from St. Martin’s Press and Random House Canada.

A post-apocalyptic fantasy about religious war, perverse faith, and waiting for the space shuttles to return.

In the city of Cape Canaveral, the royal establishment is steeped in excess, and science has been corrupted into a blood-soaked religion. The time of rational thought is long past. Meanwhile, in Kansas, an opposing sect sends a criminal on a mysterious mission to infiltrate the fortified Cape.

When an outcast girl is captured by a self-styled prophet and warlord, she is thrust into his violent designs on the throne. Just as she finds her footing in her horrific new surroundings, she discovers that David, her captor, already has a wife–a terrifying executioner who will stop at nothing to be rid of Aurora.

As war nears, Aurora must decide if she is willing to accept David’s violent faith. Will she become her captor’s queen? How far will she go to protect herself from David’s ruthless first wife?

After two strange lights appear in the night sky, all must decide if the shuttles of their forebears have returned, or if their beliefs have led them to ruin.